Anita Uscinski, BS, RDH

After stepping foot into the dental field at an early age, patient care quickly become my passion. Growing up with dentistry I have learned the value of both health and wellness. My years of advanced training have prepared me in identifying the root cause of oral problems. I continuously strive to look for solutions, and after years of experience in dental hygiene, I have stepped into a new and ever so evolving health care modality of myofunctional therapy. It is my goal and mission to help patients improve their health in four crucial aspects: nasal breathing, proper tongue posture, correct swallowing pattern, and lip seal.

Most myofunctional disorders start at an early age, which alter the normal growth and development of the jaw, face, and surrounding structures. Still for others these disorders can manifest at a later age and lead to common issues such as sleep apnea, uncontrolled snoring, and jaw problems. Without guided therapy for proper tongue posture, people can have the above issues surface.

As a myofunctional therapist I am committed to being the best patient advocate. I strongly believe in interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration. On a case by case basis, some patients may require referral to appropriate specialists such as ENTs (Ear Nose Throat doctors), orthodontists, dentists, allergists, etc. By tailoring to each patient’s needs and actively working with other medical professionals, together we can take your oral function to an optimum health.

Training, Certificates, Education:

Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene 2013

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders  Course 2020

Member of International Association of Orofacial Myology